About Us

Hi there, and welcome to Stern Learning systems.

Stern learning systems is an interactive online learning platform, designed to provide practical knowledge and tools to students and professionals in the world of modern finance. Our courses have great practical applications, as well as theories that provide valuable insights into corporate finance, how it works and most importantly, how to make it work for you.

The courses available here at Stern Learning Systems are presented by highly qualified professionals, who are specialists in their fields. What this means for you is that the material you will learn is currently used by the best in the field, and sought after by top level clientele.

  • How does it work?

    The courses offered at Stern Learning Systems are designed with the students in mind. Each course is presented in short, easy to follow lectures. Since the lectures are on average each under 10 minutes in length, finding time to complete the course is easy. Take the lessons in your own time: whether on the subway, at the office or at home. All you will need is a smartphone, tablet or pc and a working internet connection.

  • Who will be presenting the course?

    Each of the courses are presented by a qualified expert in the field. The modules are broken down into sections, based on the individual course outcomes. These outcomes are clearly stipulated by the lecturer at the start of the course. They will also clarify if any additional reading material will be required, and what the requirements for certification will be. This way, you are never working through the course material alone.

  • The online experience.

    Online learning has become an increasingly prevalent and popular method of teaching over the last decade. Major universities around the world include an online program as part of their syllabus, or as an independent course. Studies have shown that a course presented online, by a professor, can yield more effective academic results than face to face classes alone. This is due in part to the course structure and its interactive nature, but also since the course allows the student to work through the material at their own pace.

  • How will I be assessed?

    Assessment will take place throughout the course. At various points during any given lecture, a set of questions or assignment may pop up. This is designed to aid students in retaining the maximum amount of information from each module. Continual learning requires continual interaction, therefore the assessments occur throughout the duration of the course. If you are completing a paid certification program, these assessments will form the basis for whether you receive this certificate or not.