About Joel Stern

Joel M. Stern is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Stern Value Management, an advisory firm on financial policy, strategy, corporate governance, and the creator and developer of the Economic Value Added (EVA) measure of performance and the EVA Management System.

After graduating from the University of Chicago’s graduate program in Finance and Economics, he joined the Chase Manhattan Bank where he ultimately ran their global consulting operations, called Chase Financial Policy. In 1982 he founded Stern Stewart & Co. (known as Stern Value Management as of November 2013), an independent objective advisor to company boards, executive committees, and even to heads of state in order to improve even the performance of state-owned enterprises.

From 1973-1976 he was a regular financial policy columnist for the Financial Times of London. From 1979-1983 he made frequent contributions to the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal. More recently he has been a regular columnist for FinWeek. Joel has published more than 150 articles and papers in Financial Economics and continues to contribute whenever he finds time.

Joel was also a rotating panelist of the television program “Wall Street with Louis Rukeyser” for 17 years. For 25 years he provided the annual business economic forecast at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Mr. Stern is a strong proponent of efficient markets and almost all of his contributions in the field of finance have used the market model of economics to improve operating performance in organizations of all kinds.

Joel is passionate about teaching and professional development and created this course in order to provide training on the subject matter to as many students, internationally, as possible.